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The death of a baby can happen to any one of us. What brings us together at Sands is the common experience of this painful loss.

Your baby may have been stillborn or died during or soon after birth. He or she might have spent time in a special care baby unit. It may be that your baby died at an earlier stage of pregnancy or that you had to make the difficult decision to end your pregnancy. We offer support whenever a baby dies.

As well as supporting mothers, fathers and same sex partners, we are also here to help other members of the family, especially grandparents and other children. Many other people may be touched by your baby’s death, including friends, colleagues and health care staff. We can also offer support for parents during subsequent pregnancies which can present parents with a whole new set of challenges.

When your baby dies, your emotions and experience may be different from your partner’s and the experience is different again for other family members. Our helpline and support emails are run by dedicated and understanding local befrienders and we're here to support you. We also have a dedicated email run by Dads for Dads who can find it difficult to talk openly while trying to be strong for the family.

We have leaflets with information and support especially for mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, and other family members and friends.

We have a number of other leaflets that cover issues including benefits, returning to work, sexual problems and about another pregnancy.

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If you would like to be put in touch with a female Sands befriender of Asian heritage who can offer bereavement support in Urdu, Gujrati, Hindi or Punjabi, please call the national Helpline on 0207 4365881, in English, and ask to speak to someone in your language.

For more information or to order our leaflets go to or call 020 7436 7940 or 07709 425001.

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